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SALINO® Pressure Center

The most efficient high-pressure pump unit for RO systems

The fact that water resources are diminishing in many parts of the world challenges us to change the way we think about water. Especially in the field of seawater desalination, demand for innovative economical solutions is rising. It is in this field that Salinnova sets new standards with its SALINO® Pressure Center. It also means that Salinnova is leading the way with a technology that is both revolutionary and unique: an innovation that will bring fundamental changes.

The SALINO® Pressure Center revolutionises seawater desalination by reverse osmosis. This is a worldwide first: The four main components – the high-pressure pump, energy recovery device, booster pump and electric motor – are replaced with a single compact unit. As a result, it has the best energy efficiency and lowest life cycle costs in its class. It’s also easy to install and operate, and highly reliable to run. This makes our new SALINO® Pressure Center ideal for small and medium-sized systems in industry, ships and hotels.

SALINO® Pressure Center

High-pressure pump unit with integrated energy recovery for water treatment and desalination


Compact, economical, reliable:
pioneering 4-in-1 technology

In small to medium-sized desalination systems the SALINO® Pressure Center proves that greatness has nothing to do with size. The 4-in-1 technology combines all relevant components needed for pressure boosting and energy recovery in one RO system.

4-in-1 technology
Replaces high-pressure pump, energy recovery device, booster pump and electric motor.

Its extremely compact design and reduced number of components makes SALINO® Pressure Center ideally suited to decentralised use in containerised systems.

Low investment and maintenance costs
No need to match numerous individual components. Pipework is also reduced, and thanks to the use of forged parts the system is also less susceptible to corrosion.

Reduced operating costs
Maximum energy efficiency thanks to integrated energy recovery.

Easy to handle
Plug & desalt – installation, operation and maintenance of the compact unit is straightforward and fast. This also makes it less susceptible to errors.

Environmentally friendly and clean
Puts clean technology into practice via water-based lubrication that requires no oil.

Reliable and safe
Axial piston technology is tried and tested for use in high-pressure applications.

Applications and technical data


Horizontal, product-lubricated axial piston pump with integrated energy recovery.


• Duplex-stainless steel
• Super duplex-stainless steel
(on request)


• Oil and gas industry
• Industry
• Ships
• Tourism
• Agriculture

Technical data

Feed water flow rate: 23 m3/h / 101 gpm
Drinking water yield: up to 250 m3/d / 66043 gpd
Operating pressure*: 70 bar / 1015 psi
Motor rating: 29 kW / 39.4 hp
Temperature: up to +50 °C / +122 °F

*  (higher operating pressure on request)