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SALINO® Pressure Center
saves more than just space

The SALINO® Pressure Center’s novel design principle makes a valuable contribution to economic efficiency, markedly reducing life cycle costs and setting the bar high for other products in this segment.

Initial investment costs
4-in-1 technology allows the number of components, piping and space requirements to be reduced.

Installation costs
Installation and commissioning are reduced to a minimum. (Plug & Desalt)

Operating costs
Potential energy savings of up to 75% compared with systems without energy recovery can be achieved. Eliminating mixing of concentrated brine and feed water reduces energy consumption.

Labour costs
Ease of handling lowers labour costs for system monitoring.

Maintenance costs
Maintenance is reduced thanks to the compact design which requires only one component to be maintained.

Environmental protection costs
Considerable reductions in CO2 are achieved with an innovative design which cuts electricity consumption and minimises the use of resources. In addition, conventional oil lubrication is not needed – the unit is lubricated by the fluid handled.


NOVA   Performance areas:

The NOVA high-pressure pump series has a scalable range of applications:

NOVA® High-Pressure-Pump Scale

from – to (in m³ / h.)

P 6 0,2 – 0,72 20,0 – 160,0 bar
P 15 0,7 – 2,25 20,0 – 130,0 bar
P 30 1,25 – 3,75 20,0 – 160,0 bar
P 60 2,5 – 8,25 20,0 – 160,0 bar
P 180 8,0 – 24,0 20,0 – 160,0 bar
P 500 21,0 – 65,0 20,0 – 160,0 bar